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 Wednesday, July 18, 2018
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Learning Object Repositories (LOR) are promising ways to make high quality learning materials available to individuals as well as to private or public organizations around the world. The emergence of LOR initiatives, mainly since 2001, has underlined a set of major scientific and technical problems that needed to be solved to make LOR's a useful reality... more >>

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Q4R Best Practices
Best Practice is a management idea which asserts that there is an optimal technique, method, process, activity, incentive or reward for delivering a particular outcome.  In this section we will describe the initial Q4R Best Practices as extracted from the 5 GLOBE LOR Partners... more>>


List of Repositories Worldwide

This section will provide you with a list of existing repositories.

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Q4R Instruments

In this section we will describe the dimensions below that are commonly evaluated in order to produce a high quality LO. You may search the Q4R Repository to find examples.
Cultural - Pedagological - Technological - Ergonomical
QR4 Competency Assessment

Organizational - Intellectual property policies, technical and organizational infrastructures Before Inclusion - Design and Production Guidelines After Inclusion - Suggestions, Recommandations and Annotations During Inclusion - Adhesion and Referencing Strategies Q4R Strategies Organisationnelles - Politiques de propriété intellectuelle, infrastructures techniques et organisationnelles Avant l’inclusion - Lignes directrices pour la conception et la production Après l’inclusion - Suggestions, recommandations et annotations Pendant l’inclusion - Stratégies d’adhésion et de référencement Stratégies Q4R